Enhancing Your Christian Life

As Christians we are called to be different, to stand apart from ‘the world’. As a school we should be the light on the hill (or mountain in our case). SGA, thus, is called to be different; it is called to exemplify what it means to be Christian leaders. Whether you know about SGA or not, the people in the House, Senate, Judicial, and Executive branch truly do exemplify that lifestyle. Yet, too often SGA represents itself as elitist, distant, and detached. My goal with the Christian Life Department, a new position that President Johnson and I created this semester, is to give SGA the opportunity to open itself up to the students on a personal and Christ centered level. Through the Christian Life position we will show students we care about their walk through resources like Church Finder we recently created; we will put on events that help us grow spiritually as a campus; and the Christian Life Director will be a chaplain to SGA to make sure that we represent Christ to the students, ourselves, and the world.

Having rules that work.

Anyone who knows me knows that I highly value rules and structure. I do my best (no one is perfect) to always follow the rules, even if I disagree with the rule or how it is being implemented.

That is one of the many reason I am involved in SGA, to make the rules better. This does not mean that I want to get rid of rules (because again rules are great and are one of the foundations of a civilized society), simply that I want rules to be effective and actually applied equally and fairly.

Few things upset me more than when prejudice and favoritism is allowed to enter the realm of rule enforcement. Anytime I look to write legislation in SGA to reform the rules, I look to make the rules more easily enforceable and make those who are under the rules have a clearer understanding of what is expected of them. While I do value reform and making the rules as effective as possible I still value tradition and principle. At Liberty I know there are things that will not and should not ever change. I recognize that and respect and value those core values and principles. I simply think rules should be effective and allow for as close to a fair and equal system as we can get.

SGA and my spiritual life

My time in SGA (both in the House and Executive Branch) has greatly impacted how I see the Body of Christ. As the Christian Life Director I have to be aware of the many different denominational views within Liberty, how they think, and how they see our school. Working on the Church Directory allowed me to come into contact with almost a hundred churches, all of different denominations and views. Some denominations feel welcome and embraced by Liberty, and some feel like they have been set to the side. Working on this directory, I have reached out to those who feel rejected by our school. I even worked with the Catholic Campus Ministry Club to help them establish themselves as an official club. This position has given me greater clarity on how all of us, as the Body of Christ, can unify under Jesus and make our school more effectively ‘Train Champions for Christ’.

Chris Porter

We Hear You.


Friends, you are invited to make moves on campus for the overall betterment of your hall mates, house mates, on-campus co-workers and fellow club members. We are here to make SGA a tool for you to utilize to let your ideas be heard. WE HEAR YOU.

We hear you. but we can’t do that with a broken system. Our dream is to reform SGA to become an open place for you to bring YOUR ideas, hurts and YOUR dreams to the table.

We hear you. We aren’t telling you what to say or what to think, we are paving a way for your ideas to be heard. This campaign isn’t two people telling you what changes to the culture need to happen – we are searching for YOU to bring your RELEVANT REFORM to us, and we will bring it to the LU administration

We hear you. Bring YOUR ideas to the table. And while everyone will tell you that, very few will want to fix a system that is broken or only listens to certain social groups on campus. we want to fix that system. we want TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY.

We hear you. Clubs, you are the pulse of the student body. We need you. You have been Failed and ignored for too long. We are committed to working WITH you and keeping in Relationship with you, NOT over you. We want CLUBS DONE RIGHT

We hear you. When was the last time SGA bettered your Spiritual life? That’s a Problem. We are the largest Christian university and we should be actively pursuing that title. We want to do more for your personal walk with the Lord and work to create A CHRIST CENTERED SGA.

We hear you Liberty. We hear you because we are a part of you. We are ordinary students on campus who want to watch our peers of extraordinary things. I hope you keep in touch over the next few weeks.